You got questions? We’ve got answers! Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. Not seeing what you’re looking for? Send us a message!

Where are you located?

We operate as a pop-up so we do not have a physical location. Currently we have morning pickups in East Nashville (10:00-11:00AM) and Franklin (10AM-12PM) on Saturdays and Mount Juliet (10:00-11:00AM) on Sundays.

We alternate Sunday pickups in Murfreesboro (1st and 3rd Sunday) and the Nations (2nd and last Sunday of the month.)

In addition to our fixed locations… we are a pop-up so you never know where we’ll show up next! Keep your eyes on our socials!

We do not advertise our locations online for two reasons; One, because it is a pop-up, it does have the potential to change each week and secondly we often do this at personal residences so we want to respect their privacy by not posting the address in public.

Once you place an order, you will receive an e-mail and text with the pickup address for that weekend.

Why do I have to pre-order?

We require pre-orders for two reasons:

  • All of our rolls are made with sourdough starter. Sourdough starter requires a minimum of 24 hours to feed and activate before we can bake with it and the baking process itself takes 12 hours. Therefore, we need to know how many rolls were baking well in advance in order to meet the demand.
  • America has a huge food waste problem, we throw away nearly 40 millions tons of food annually! At Z-bakery we don’t want to contribute to that problem so we only bake rolls that we know will be immediately enjoyed.

I ordered but missed the pick-up, what happens now?

That’s a bummer, there is nothing more we want than for you to enjoy our fresh rolls!

All rolls are baked-to-order when you purchase them. We operate no different than a take-out restaurant in the sense that you order your food, we make it and prepare it specifically for you. That food won’t be sold to anyone else and will be waiting for you at the pickup. We have ingredient expenses, kitchen expenses, packaging expenses as well as our time to bake those rolls. Due to this, we are not able to offer refunds or credit for missed pickups. Any rolls not picked up will be discarded… and that makes us very sad!

Please ensure you enter the correct phone number and e-mail as we will send out multiple text/e-mail reminders for the pickup.

Allergens + Ingredients

Our rolls contain gluten, lots of it.

Our rolls are produced in a facility with nuts. While we go to great lengths to keep our rolls without nuts and with nuts separate through the whole process if you have a severe nut allergy, we recommend that you abstain from enjoying them.


Wheat Flour, Butter, Sugar, Milk, Canola Oil, Eggs, Vanilla Extract, Cream Cheese, Salt and Cinnamon. (Pecan nuts in the nut roll)

Why do you use Sourdough?

Sourdough is better called “wild yeast.” Sourdough starter is actually harvesting yeast that is in the air and all around you as well as healthy bacteria called lactobacilli. The starter replaces traditional baker’s yeast in the recipe and raises the Ph level of the dough. That is what gives sourdough it’s traditional sour flavor that we just love! In addition to that great flavor, those healthy bacteria help to break down the carbohydrates and gluten proteins in dough and make it easier for digestion. Many people who are gluten intolerant can eat wild yeast leavened products without digestive issues.

Do you Cater?

Interested in a large order for a special occasion, corporate event or just want to binge on 100 cinnamon rolls? We’d love to work it out! Large orders take time to facilitate so reach out to us by shooting us an e-mail: 

Do you really sell out?

Yes, yes we do. Our capacity is set by the amount of activated starter we have (it takes two days to prepare the starter to bake), how many rolls we can physically roll by hand, and well… sleep. Yes, we do need to sleep occasionally.

Why are you donating to MusiCares and what is it?

If you’ve heard our story, you know that this business was started out of need when Zito’s touring business was shut down due to COVID. The entertainment industry feels a bit forgotten in this crisis and many touring people have struggled immensely with trying to get assistance for programs that are not designed to help independent contractors.

The Grammy Foundation has been operating the MusiCares program since the early 90’s. This charity has helped countless musicians and touring personnel, not just during COVID but many other crisis and disasters. They are one of the few organizations that are giving much needed direct assistance to roadies! We are thankful for all they do and honored to be able to partner with them, one cinnamon roll at a time!

Do you ship?

We are not currently shipping our rolls. At this time logistics make it cost prohibitive to ship our product and maintain quality and freshness.